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POSTER CONTEST - Be part of this year’s European Cooperation Day
01. July 2013.

On 21 September 2013 and in the surrounding week European Cooperation Day will be celebrated throughout Europe for the second time. To mark this occasion, INTERACT Point Vienna is organising a poster contest and we would like to invite you to participate.
The contest is open to children ages 16 and under and the theme of the posters should be:
"Sharing borders, growing closer" or  "Working together for a better Europe".
Deadline for submissions: 24 August 2013.

The best posters will be displayed at a public exhibition in Vienna on the weekend of 21 September and the top three poster designers will win prize packs.
Family members of territorial cooperation programme staff are also more than welcome to participate.

For more details, please go to European Co-Operation Day website or Facebook profile or download the Announcement and Entry Form.

If you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to contact Ivana Lazic or Maria Baetti (firstname.surname@interact-eu.net).

Today we use interactive maps more often than printed versions. Interactive maps are more practical and give us more information that the other ones. So apart from our printed Guide through the border crossings between Hungary and Serbia, we created an interactive map to help you plan your journey across the borders. Please click on the map and enjoy the trip through the region.

For full size map click here »