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Good neighbours creating common future

Welcome to the website of the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation programme!

The Programme’s objective is to facilitate the joint development of the Hungary-Serbia border areas with the support of the European Union in order to achieve a harmonic and co-operating region with sustainable and safe environment. We will keep you informed about the latest news in the Programme, with special regard to the Calls for Proposals.

News & Events

Draft Cooperation Programme of the Interreg - IPA CBC Hungary - Serbia

The Task Force of the Interreg - IPA CBC Hungary - Serbia approved the Co-operation Programme (CP) for the submission to the EC. The draft CP can be downloaded below. The final CP document will be published as soon as it is approved by the EC, so please check our website regularly.

Draft CP Interreg - IPA CBC Hungary - Serbia

Final Evaluation Report of the Ongoing HUSRB IPA CBC Programme Evaluation

The Final Evaluation Report, the final output of the on-going evaluation of the Hungary–Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme (2007-2013), is now available for download. The timeframe of the ongoing evaluation exercise was April 2013 – July 2014. The Final Evaluation Report summarizes the main findings and recommendations of the First and Second Evaluation Reports, regarding the performance of the Programme from 2009 to the current state-of-play in July 2014. The Final Evaluation Report can be downloaded here.

The SEA of the draft OP of HUSRB IPA II CBC Programme

SEA is a useful tool to highlight potential positive environmental impacts of a program and hinder measures that might be harmful for the environment. The SEA is carried out simultaneously to the preparation of the programme and consultation...

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Calls for Proposals

3rd Call for Proposals List of selected projects

The list of 61 projects which the Joint Monitoring and Steering Committee of Hungary – Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme selected for co-financing within the 3rd Call for Proposals is now available for information. The final list of contracted projects will be available after signing the Subsidy Contracts.

The Third Call for Proposals is closed

The Third Call for Proposals (HUSRB/1203) was closed on May 30 2012.

There are no open calls for proposals at the moment.

Today we use interactive maps more often than printed versions. Interactive maps are more practical and give us more information that the other ones. So apart from our printed Guide through the border crossings between Hungary and Serbia, we created an interactive map to help you plan your journey across the borders. Please click on the map and enjoy the trip through the region.

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