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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Procurement HUSRB/1203

  1. Where can I find general information about the procurement procedures to be applied?
  2. How should we plan our project if the equipment is produced in the USA and the distributor company is from eligible area according to PraG?
  3. Do the costs planned under preparation costs have to be procured according to PraG?
  4. Do all similar items (e.g. similar items within service budget line) have to be procured in the frame of one procedure, or is it possible to procure them separately according to the planned budgets?
  5. Can a non-profit organization outsource services to its founding organization?

Today we use interactive maps more often than printed versions. Interactive maps are more practical and give us more information that the other ones. So apart from our printed Guide through the border crossings between Hungary and Serbia, we created an interactive map to help you plan your journey across the borders. Please click on the map and enjoy the trip through the region.

For full size map click here »